Day 6: Farewell, San Francisco!

As I sit at San Francisco International Airport waiting for my flight home, it's a good time to reflect on my trip. Here's some key points from my research this week: 51 new clippings from San Francisco newspapers.┬áThese clippings detail everything from how Chinese and Japanese people were treated following the earthquake to its scientific … Continue reading Day 6: Farewell, San Francisco!


Day 5: Point Reyes

Research in the library serves an important purpose, but for almost any geology project, nothing can replace time in the field. Even though I did no direct field work at Point Reyes National Seashore, it was very helpful for me to see the landscape along the San Andreas Fault just north of San Francisco. When … Continue reading Day 5: Point Reyes

Day 4: Back to Berkeley

I have a rare sight to begin my post with today -- a photo of myself! I took it while taking notes in the Earth Sciences and Map Library at UC Berkeley. I had the entire morning at this library today, so I had the chance to read through several of the first volumes of … Continue reading Day 4: Back to Berkeley


Day 3: University of California Berkeley

Today I left the city of San Francisco (but not the Bay Area) to visit the libraries of the University of California (UC) Berkeley. UC Berkeley is a beautiful campus that's an easy half-hour BART ride away from downtown San Francisco. My first stop on the very large but walker-friendly campus was the Earth Sciences … Continue reading Day 3: University of California Berkeley


Day 2 Extra: Samples at the Academy, Before and After the Quake

One of the Curatorial Assistants of the Geology Department's collection at Cal Academy, Maricela Abarca, was kind enough to give me a tour of the Academy department's extensive collection of fossils and specimens. Here are some of the samples, pictured with permission:  


Day 2: The California Academy of Sciences

My first full day in San Francisco was filled with more research activities, and riding San Francisco's Muni in-between. I started out this morning by returning to the San Francisco Public Library. I moved on to my second microfilm, also from April 1906. I was able to find even more clippings detailing the debate surrounding … Continue reading Day 2: The California Academy of Sciences


Day 1: First Steps in the Bay Area

It's my first day in San Francisco, and I've already found some interesting material for my research. After over five hours of flying, I spent a few hours this evening at the Herb Caen Magazine and Newspaper Center in the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library. The Main Branch itself is impressive in … Continue reading Day 1: First Steps in the Bay Area